About Us

Who we are

We are an engineering team that helps entrepreneurs and startups build products from scratch, including mobile apps, SaaS/websites, Chrome extensions, backends, and data analysis services.

We are interested in open source technologies.

Core members are from Google, Facebook, Uber, and silicon valley startups.

What we do

We engage community members in two categories:

Core DevelopersWe are building community with open source software at GitHub
Study GroupsWe discuss System Design and Architecture at 10x.pub

Community Culture

Think big and act on it

  • Engineers build things anyway. Why not make them big?
  • Bias toward action
  • Build positive feedback loops
  • Dig the tunnel from two directions

Seek truth from facts

  • Embrace radical transparency
  • Input more and output more
  • Deliberate practice and immediate feedback

Make magic

  • Attention to detail
  • Work long, smart, and hard to improve speed and quality
  • Build 10x product with reusable frameworks, primitives, and processes

Extreme Ownership

  • Success is in our own hands
  • Sign our artwork
  • Our success is symmetrical with our rewards

Customer Obsession

  • Listen to our customers
  • Be careful with root-level metrics
  • We are representatives of our customers
  • Make money to build better services, not the reverse