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Dora Noda

Q4 Goalโ€‹

BoomMo Beta๐Ÿ˜ผ Ontrack
Beancount Pro๐Ÿ˜ผ Ontrack

BoomMo Betaโ€‹

Last Week: Velocity: 9(2+6+1) tasks / week

  • finished multi-in and multi-out voting contract
  • Migrate Webpack to v5 from v4
  • prepare a route for admin api
  • if the user is the owner of the event, add an edit button to the public page
  • setup data backup plan
  • migrate to $START_COMMAND for choosing pkg to run
  • add nextjs-pages
  • add feature flag for leftNavigationBar
  • sync with SPLVM community

This Week

  • Prepare for onboarding community owners
    • Finish ADR1. multi-tenancy community
    • all the subtasks associated
  • Bug fixes
    • launch room fixes
    • account settings error handling
  • removed unfinished features for ADR2. Audience MVP

Beancount Proโ€‹

Last Week: Velocity: 2 tasks / week

Continue with Dropbox integration

  • add toggle for "billed monthly or yearly"
  • fix a security issue

This Week

  • Dropbox integration
    • call file-sync-http-server to update file
    • add Fava admin api to accept file upsert
    • widget & gql disconnect and clean up
  • Payment
    • add configurations in pylon and mount in web-beancount
  • start mobile planning