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Q4S5 Biweekly Status Update

· One min read
Dora Noda

Q4 Goal

2 Sprints (Q4S5, Q4S6) to go

BoomMo Beta🤨 At Risk for an unknown scope
Beancount Pro😼 Ontrack
  • BoomMo Beta: 18 unknown tasks
    • User & Events
    • Multi-tenancy
  • Beancount Pro: 10 tasks
    • Dropbox: 6 tasks

BoomMo Beta

Last Week: Velocity: 4 tasks / week

  • fix email template
  • public community home without event list for audience
  • fix storybook
  • public community home with event list for audience


  • Prepare for onboarding community owners
    • Finish ADR1. multi-tenancy community
    • all the subtasks associated

Beancount Pro

Last Week: Velocity: 6 tasks / week

  • Payment
    • add payment wall
    • prepare discount codes for pilot users
    • add configurations in pylon and mount in web-beancount
    • add cancel subscription
  • Dropbox integration
    • add Fava admin api to accept file upsert
    • migrate widget to netlify


  • Dropbox integration
    • http-sync-server delete file
    • http-sync-server update file
    • [fava] call file-sync-http-server to update file
    • widget gql endpoint and client for disconnect
    • widget & gql disconnect and clean up